Village children, with large open-pit gold mine and local hospital in the background, Shandong Province, CHINA

I am attracted to a wide variety of photographic genres however my photography is predominantly focused on culture, the arts and immersive travel.

I am interested in documentary photography (visual journalism) and see it important to not only document and chronicle significant events but also everyday life.

My photography has transitioned over 30 years to include more portraiture, in particular, in-situ environmental portraiture.

I prefer to be an immersive or embedded photographer. Knowing the environment and people over a period of time provides a better opportunity to understand circumstances and more accurately represent people.

I love that no matter how much I prepare or conceptualise, I cannot anticipate which images will be the strongest at the end of a shoot. The process is raw, instinctive, intuitive, free.

I enjoy photographing artists, dancers and musicians. I try to capture the passion they have for their craft.

As an exploration geologist I have travelled extensively internationally and the more I travel the more I see tribal, cultural and national groups share a common humanity.

For me, the joy is in “Capturing the Decisive Moment” [Henri Cartier-Bresson] and honouring people’s stories.