STEVE RICHTER Percussion Specialist/Producer/Composer/ Educator


I enjoy photographing artists, dancers and musicians. I try to capture the passion they have for their craft.

My main aim in this genre is to represent emotional engagement and if possible movement. Presented in 2D photographic form the image can be quite striking extracted from the actual performance. There is power in highlighting moments that may go unnoticed over the length of a performance.

It is pure joy to observe and listen to a performance and try to capture this essence in a photograph.

Music is “the universal language of mankind.” [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]. Art and dance similarly are inclusive and cross boundaries.

Each artist is individual and presents something unique which is a challenge to capture in a photograph. Some performers deliver entertainment, fun and joy while others communicate a story, pure emotion, passion or love of their art form. The catalogue below contains photographs of following artists:

Flamenco dancers; Paloma Gomez from Madrid and Francesca Grima [“La Chica”] of Puerto Flamenco from Seville. Photographs were taken during performances in Perth on their independent Australian tours.

Musicians include; percussionist Steve Richter, Persian ney and daf [frame drum] player Esfandiar Shahmir, jazz musician Adam Hall of Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys, Cuban musicians Camila Cortino Bello on keyboards and Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa on trumpet, Peter Evans on drums and Sanshi on percussion and didgeridoo.

Performances by Troy Roberts and Eastwinds at Ellington’s Jazz Club in Perth were videoed below.


TROY ROBERTS, CHRiSTMAS iMMiNENT, Ellington Jazz Club, Perth – 23 December 2017

EASTWINDS, Ellington Jazz Club, Perth – 22 March 2017
Esfandiar Shahmir [ney] + Sanshi [didgeridoo]